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How Financial Incentives Could Help Pregnant Women To Stop Smoking

Higgins' study involved 118 pregnant smokers from Burlington, Vt. He divided them into three groups. The first received vouchers no matter what they did. The second group received vouchers in escalating amounts if they continued to refrain from smoking, which was verified with breath and urine tests.
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Relieve Back Pain - Quit Smoking

The research , presented at the recent2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, found that quitting smoking may reduce pain in the back and legs. The study looked at 6,779 individuals undergoing treatment for spinal disorders that caused severe spine and leg pain, and considered their age, gender, weight, amount of pain and smoking history. The researchers found that individuals who currently smoke experiencedgreater pain than those who had never smoked, and those who quit smoking during their treatment reported a greater reduction in their pain than those who kept on smoking. These results show that not only does smoking affect the body in ways you may not realize, but it's truly never too late to quit. Quitting at any age provides substantial health benefits and improves senior living experiences. Fortunately, Medicare has stepped in to help with this process, NPR reports. Last year, the federal healthcare program began offering the same type of cessation assistance to its beneficiaries as is offered by many private health insurance providers, because the federal healthcare law requires coverage of preventative treatments recommended by the U.S.
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Quit Smoking and Find Affordable No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Improving health and life expectancy has an immediate effect on life insurance prices. An applicant who has higher chances of living a long and safer life will always get lower prices. Clients may be surprised to know that even their driving record can affect their life insurance rates. It is always important to know more about life coverage. Clients can visit an insurance brokerage website such as Lifeinsurance-policy.com . Here, they will be able to learn more about no medical exam life insurance and compare quotes from several agencies.
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